How do I register a team?
From the Home page, click on the orange JOIN TODAY icon located just below the challenge banner. This will bring you to the Challenge Registration Setup page. If you are registering within a company/organization/community that has provided you with a Group ID, enter that in the Group ID field. Complete the team information and click the green “Next” icon. Complete the team captain information and click the green “Next” icon. Complete the team member information and click the green “Next” icon. Select t-shirt sizes for each of your team members and click the green “Next” icon. This will finally take you to the registration payment page, where you can review your registration and enter payment information and click “Submit” when completed.

What is a Group ID?
A Group ID is a code given to businesses, organizations and communities that want to sign up multiple teams as part of their business, organization or community wellness program/initiative. This Group ID gives an Administrator of the business, organization or community the ability to track team and individual progress as well as, additional resouces to assist in the promotion and implementation of the challenge. 

If you would like to learn more about setting up a Group ID for your business, organization or community, please contact Live Healthy Iowa at 888-777-8881 to speak with a LHI team member.

What is a team captain?
A team captain is the designated leader for the team, and the individual who registers a team. A team captain plays a special role in the ultimate success of the team by being proactive in finding ways to keep the team motivated and moving! Team captains have the ability to track for team members if needed through their team dashboard, and to add team members to an existing team.

Can I be the captain of multiple teams?
Yes, you may be the captain of multiple teams. However, you will only be able to be an active member on one team for the challenge. 

What if a team member does not have access to a computer or the internet?
This person can still participate on a Live Healthy Iowa team. The team captain can report this person’s activity and/or weight loss from their own personal team captain dashboard. It will also be the responsibility of the captain to pass the weekly tips and health information on to this participant. We recommend providing this member with a printable tracking sheet (which can be found under the Challenge Toolkit on the dashboard). 

What if 11 (or more) people want to be on my team?
If there are more than 10 people that you would like to register for a team, you may do so by creating two teams.

Do I need to register as a team, or can I be a team of one?
This challenge requires you be on a team of 2-10 people. Our team based challenges are what set us apart from other health challenges – it’s a fun and easy way to stay motivated being a part of a team! If you are unable to find anyone to be on a team with you, we can help! Contact us at info@livehealthyiowa.org for more information.

Does my team have to enter both weight loss and activity minutes divisions?
Upon registration, your team captain has the ability to select either weight loss or activity minutes or both divisions. This must be decided as a team, not on an individual basis.

When and how will we receive our t-shirts? 
T-shirts will be shipped directly to your team captain to distribute to their team members. The shipment will be sent out after registration has officially closed. You should receive the t-shirts sometime in the month of February.

Additional questions? Contact us, we're happy to help!