Live Healthy Iowa Speaker Series

Looking for healthy resources or connections to services or providers? We want to help! The Live Healthy Iowa team is connecting with trusted resources to build a free webinar series, offered via Zoom, to expand learning opportunities on selected health topics. Please check this page for upcoming live and recorded offerings.

  • Self-Care 101 presented by Johanna Dunlevy, Wellness & Marketing Manager, Employee and Family Resources
    • Self-care is not selfish, and it is important, yet many times it is a last priority. Learn how to put yourself first at least once a day to enhance all areas of your life and maximize well-being.
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  • Address Your Stress presented by Johanna Dunlevy, Wellness & Marketing Manager, Employee and Family Resources
    • If there’s one thing we share in common in this world, it is stress. Stress helps keep us alive, but too much can cause significant health problems, reduce efficiency at work, and negatively impact personal relationships. While there is no such thing as eliminating all stress, there are ways you can minimize and address stress to increase satisfaction and improve productivity in the workplace. In this seminar, you will learn how to identify stress and the best ways to respond under pressure.
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  • Conquering Financial Stress presented by Arianne Steenblock, Coach, Rise Up & Shine Coaching
    • Personal finances, debt and marriages are stressed to the max for many American homes.  You are not alone.
      Discover hope as you begin a new journey to conquer your finances so that you sleep better every night and are proud of your legacy. Coach Arianne is on a mission for every soul to gain control of their finances because everyone deserves to live debt-free and stress-free.
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​​Mental Health
  • Mindfulness 101 presented by Katie Sandquist, Behavioral Health Therapist at Myrtue Behavioral Health
    • Mindfulness is a practice of being connected and aware in the present moment, with openness and nonjudgment. A growing mountain of research points to the multiple benefits of learning and practicing this skill, including reduced stress, improved sleep, better memory and focus, healthier relationships, and increased ability to manage difficult thoughts and emotions. This workshop will give you a core understanding of mindfulness, lead you through a mindfulness experience, and give you several strategies for incorporating a mindfulness practice in your daily life.
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  • Unplugged presented by Johanna Dunlevy, Wellness & Marketing Manager, Employee and Family Resources
    • We live in a world of constant connection which can lead to constant distraction. Learn why it’s important to unplug and how an hour a day away from mindless browsing and toggling can help you recharge.
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Physical Activity
  • Why Strength Training is for Everyone presented by Cole Jarrard, True Health Co.
    • Listen in as Cole explains the following topics: Be strong for LIFE, Decrease injuries and falls, Weight loss tool, Slow aging, HOW TO start strength training.
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  • UPCOMING Eliminate Leaking with Exercise with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist by Kelli Jarrard, StrongHER Physical Therapy & Performance
    • Join Dr. Kelli Jarrard with StrongHER Physical Therapy & Performance to learn about pelvic floor anatomy and the role’s of your pelvic floor. Learn what causes urinary leaking with exercise such as jumping, running or lifting. Dr. Kelli will go over a few tips/tricks to help eliminate leaking with exercise as well as learn about how pelvic floor physical therapy can help you reach your goals of being active without being limited by your pelvic floor.
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  • Improving Your Physical Wellbeing with Spend Smart. Eat Smart. by Jody Gatewood, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
    • Listen to Registered Dietitian Jody Gatewood share resources and tools from Spend Smart. Eat Smart. that can help you improve your physical wellbeing through better nutrition and daily movement. Learn about simple ways to prepare recipes, physical activity videos, sample meal planning calendars, and more. Leave feeling empowered to make your physical wellbeing a priority.
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  • The Csomay Center Presents: Optimal Aging and the AHA’s Life’s Essential 8 by Jennifer Jones, Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence
    • Join Jen Jones, Program Coordinator for the Optimal Aging Initiative for a conversation about optimal aging and you! She will share how the Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence at the University of Iowa promotes optimal aging and a better quality of life for all older adults and their caregivers. She will also share education from the American Heart Association’s Life’s Essential 8 that provides great tips for you to begin your journey of optimal aging.
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  • A Buzzword-Free Guide to Men’s Health by Jeff Woody, Goldfinch Athletics
    • Join Jeff Woody—former ISU football player, Master of Science in biomedical sciences, owner of Goldfinch Athletics, and coach/trainer for 14 years—for a buzzword-free webinar on men's health essentials. Discover the keys to achieving your best version of health, including strength training for bone health and vitality, flexibility work for injury prevention, and cardiovascular training for heart health and mental well-being. Overcome common barriers like lack of time and motivation with practical strategies, both external—like joining class-based environments—and internal—such as giving yourself grace and staying committed for the long haul. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the secrets to a healthier, happier you!
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