Live Healthy Iowa Speaker Series

Looking for healthy resources or connections to services or providers? We want to help! The Live Healthy Iowa team is building a free webinar series, offered via Zoom, to expand learning opportunities on selected health topics. Each webinar will be offered from Noon-1pm on the listed date. All webinars will be recorded and links will be posted on this page for future access. Please check this page for updated offerings through December 2023!

April - Stress
  • 19 - Address Your Stress presented by Johanna Dunlevy, Wellness & Marketing Manager, Employee and Family Resources
    • If there’s one thing we share in common in this world, it is stress. Stress helps keep us alive, but too much can cause significant health problems, reduce efficiency at work, and negatively impact personal relationships. While there is no such thing as eliminating all stress, there are ways you can minimize and address stress to increase satisfaction and improve productivity in the workplace. In this seminar, you will learn how to identify stress and the best ways to respond under pressure.
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  • 25 - Conquering Financial Stress presented by Arianne Steenblock, Coach, Rise Up & Shine Coaching
    • Personal finances, debt and marriages are stressed to the max for many American homes.  You are not alone.
      Discover hope as you begin a new journey to conquer your finances so that you sleep better every night and are proud of your legacy. Coach Arianne is on a mission for every soul to gain control of their finances because everyone deserves to live debt-free and stress-free.
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May - Mental Health
  • 25 - Mindfulness 101 presented by Katie Sandquist, Behavioral Health Therapist at Myrtue Behavioral Health
    • Mindfulness is a practice of being connected and aware in the present moment, with openness and nonjudgment. A growing mountain of research points to the multiple benefits of learning and practicing this skill, including reduced stress, improved sleep, better memory and focus, healthier relationships, and increased ability to manage difficult thoughts and emotions. This workshop will give you a core understanding of mindfulness, lead you through a mindfulness experience, and give you several strategies for incorporating a mindfulness practice in your daily life.
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June - Men's Health

July - Sun Care

August - Weight Management

September - Sickness Prevention

October - Women's Health

November - Diabetes

December - Mind/Body Wellness